Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 29 May 2014

Smart Budget is a mobile application that help you manage your income & expenses from your mobile phone

This Privacy Policy may be updated and you can receive information about updates through the web site or the service. The latest version of the privacy policy is available to you at

Information Collected

In the event of an application error, crash, or problem, we may ask you to send an email message which contains the crash information. Such as an email may contain personally identifiable information, and it is entirely your choice whether to send such a message.

Should you require any assistance or help to resolve an issue, you may be asked to provide us with personally identifiable information. This will happen through a prompt asking for feedback, allowing you to send an e-mail message, and is not automatic.

In order to provide you with a better overall experience, to improve the application and its services, we may collect non-identifying information (such as the current page within the application being viewed) to serve you better understand how the application is used.

Sharing features

The application has the capability for you to choose to send through e-mail, text message, phone call or other means, information to others. Such information sharing is at your own discretion and will always involve your approval.

Contacting the application author

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at